Our school is community-led, with the Principal, teachers and parents working in partnership to provide an outstanding education and a vibrant learning environment.

Our strategic plan is an example of this partnership, with the whole community coming together to decide on the school’s future pathway. The new strategic plan was released in June 2016.

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Chrysalis Montessori School Inc. is registered as an independent school with the Department of Education. It is also registered with the Department of Corporate Affairs as an incorporated association.

All parents of children enrolled at the school (and elected non-parents) are members of this association, which is governed by our Rules of Association. This entitles all parents to vote at our annual general meeting and elect our school School Board.

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The Board of Governance

The Board members, together with the Principal, is responsible for our school’s governance and strategic direction.

The Board consists mostly of parent members as well as independent directors , a staff representative and the Principal.

  • Debs Sherlock (Chairperson)
  • Paula Bruckard (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Ben Tan (Treasurer)
  • Shirley Tascone (Board Member)
  • Jeneva Ohan (Board Member)
  • Paul Jarrett (Board Member)
  • Jocelyn Gilroy-Widdis (Staff Representative, ex officio)
  • Mark Panaia (Principal, ex officio)
  • Denise Costanzo (Bursar, Guest)

The Board meets once a month during school terms to discuss areas such as financial management, school policies, legal responsibilities, educational philosophy, maintenance and community engagement.

AGM Presentation with Chair, Treasurer & Principal Reports 31 March 2021
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