Our Philosophy

At Chrysalis we believe children are capable, competent learners and they create their world with more knowledgeable others and each other.

They have agency – they have the capacity to make decisions and choices about their learning.

We believe that all children are unique and have individual learning styles and they develop at different rates. We support children, within a framework of order, to progress at their own pace and rhythm, according to their individual capabilities; we provide opportunities for each child to pursue their individual interests.

We believe that the child is a natural explorer of their world, exploring through touch, smell, feel, hearing, sight and taste. The school uses stories, Montessori materials, charts, time lines, objects of nature, treasures from the wealth of cultures around the worlds and conventional tools to enrich the Chrysalis School Curriculum.

We believe children learn best in a safe, nurturing, respectful and non-competitive environment that promotes independence and a positive sense of self. We encourage initiative, independent work habits, self-motivation and concentration. Guided by the teacher, Montessori students actively participate in planning their time and taking responsibility for their work. We also believe that education is a joint venture among students, parents and teachers.

We seek to develop and maintain positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We keep families informed about matters of the school and provide feedback to parents about their children’s learning. We celebrate the diversity of cultures and beliefs within our community and encourage active participation of parents and family members in school programs.

We embrace our various roles in the Chrysalis community; we participate in the life of the school and contribute according to our skills and passions. We model empowerment, purpose and unity to children by our generous interaction, service and interest in school life, and we honour and celebrate our unique traditions, rituals and symbols and stories.