Our Board

Chrysalis Montessori School’s Board Members, together with the Principal, are responsible for the school’s governance and strategic direction.

The Board consists mostly of parent members, as well as independent directors, a staff representative, and the Principal. Current members include:

  • Debs Sherlock (Chairperson)
  • Paula Bruckard (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Ben Tan (Treasurer)
  • Shirley Tascone (Board Member)
  • Jeneva Ohan (Board Member)
  • Paul Jarrett (Board Member)
  • Jocelyn Gilroy-Widdis (Staff Representative, ex officio)
  • Mark Panaia (Principal, ex officio)
  • Denise Costanzo (Bursar, Guest)

The Board meets once per month during school terms to discuss areas such as financial management, school policies, legal responsibilities, educational philosophy, maintenance, and community engagement.