French Program

Our language program is delivered by a native French speaker, Marc, and is introduced when children are four and three months old.

Children’s House students learn through songs, puppets and a variety of actions/gestures. This learning is followed by individual/pair/small group activities and games on the mat which allow children to use the language independently.

Lessons for middle and upper primary students include skits, role plays and conversation.

Twice a year, children have the opportunity to use the French language while role playing cooking and ordering ‘les crepes’ and ‘les gaufres’.

Our school’s language program caters to native French speakers, as well as those from a non-French speaking background.

Our French Program Teacher

Marc Benazera - French

Marc is Swiss-French (and is fluent in Swedish too!). He has a Degree in Education from the University of Rouen. He also has experience in Trauma Psychology and family guidance as well as a Montessori Qualification. Marc has many years’ experience as a teacher in Switzerland, Sweden and now Australia.