Sport Program

The health and physical education curriculum at Chrysalis is one that embraces the love of learning, respect for self and others, and offers a variety of sports and movement experiences to this end.

Children’s House

The program for Children’s House students incorporates health and physical education in the weekly hour session with the specialist teacher. The physical skills taught and practiced focus on the fundamental movement skills through games and structured play activities. In health, topics discussed include social/emotional development, healthy lifestyles, and safety.

Lower primary

Primary health is delivered by the classroom teachers, with the physical education curriculum taught by the specialist teacher. There is a strong emphasis on the continuing development of the fundamental movement skills, mostly through a variety of modified sports. Chrysalis accesses several state and local sporting associations to assist in the delivery of current games, activities and techniques in physical education lessons.

Middle/Upper primary

As with lower primary, physical education is delivered by the physical education specialist teacher, more focused on consolidating skills through modified sports. Students will typically be exposed to a number of sports, from the traditional Australian sports such as Australian rules football, to soccer, cricket, baseball, netball, athletics, as well as golf for upper primary. We also try to introduce less ‘typical’ physical education activities, such as fencing and cycling.

Our Sport Program Teacher

Tanya Takayama - Sports Program

Tanya has a Master of Education from the University of WA, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement. She has been teaching health and physical education at our school since 2008, as well taken on a variety of other roles. Tanya is very active with community and school sports, particularly AFL. She was a finalist for the AFL Primary School Ambassador of the Year 2013 and 2014. She also enjoys baseball, teeball, and both rugby codes.

She has been tutoring in the Graduate Diploma of Physical Education program at Edith Cowan University and is a school ambassador with several sports. Tanya is very proud of her two sons, both of whom have represented Australia in Little League Baseball (and are both also Chrysalis Montessori School alumni).

‘I believe that Chrysalis offers our children the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities in a supportive, fun environment.’