Chrysalis Events

End of Year Concert

Held annually in December

Celebrating the year's end with song and dance and farewelling our graduates

Our End of Year Concert is a lively affair, marking the year’s end with performances from each class on the last Friday evening of the school year.

We celebrate our graduating students, many of whom started in Children’s House and have been part of Chrysalis for more than a decade.

Craft Fair

Held annually in November

Developing creativity and enterprise

The Craft Fair celebrates the creative talents of our school community. It’s also an opportunity for students to develop their business skills.

Stalls are available to those who have prepared basic business plans. The fair is an opportunity to learn about the costs involved in enterprise and the challenges of making a profit

Art Exhibition

Alternates with the Science Fair, held every two years

Celebrating art across all years

Our art exhibition provides an opportunity for all children to display their creative works to the community.

Our exhibitions are held in September and are another wonderful showcase of all our students’ work.

Science Fair

Held every two years in August

A week of scientific experiments, education and exhibition

Every two years our Science Fair coincides with National Science Week. Students have the opportunity to work on independent projects in class and at home, displaying their finished projects in the classroom.

As well as developing their scientific understandings to explain the projects, our students further develop skills such as organisation, time management, cooperation and flexibility. And practise resilience if things don’t go to plan!