Worm Incursion

Science - 2 December 2021

Last week at Chrysalis we had a visit from the Worm Shed. Worms have the potential to recycle waste and create castings (worm poo) which is an organic fertiliser to help plants thrive and grow. These worms are native, and once children take them home, they can release them into gardens, pot plants, veggie patches etc.

Worms are quite resilient and can be fed most food scraps aside from citrus fruits, onion, and garlic. These foods are too acidic for the worms. Ensure the worms are nice and cool by using a spray bottle or wet newspaper. Please watch the mini slideshow about worms and how to take care of them, attached below.

Many thanks to Tanya who organised this event for the children. With Tanya’s efforts on recycling, reusing, planting and now the Worm shed incursion, Chrysalis continues to move forward in our sustainability goals.
Enjoy the worms!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle