Junior Master Chef

Uncategorized - 22 December 2022

On the last day of school, Swordtails spent the morning preparing and cooking for Junior MasterChef, a challenge this class does annually as part of the Science curriculum. Once again, the judges were completely ‘wow’d’ with the cuisines: Mexican group (winners): enchiladas and churros Italian group: handmade gnocchi and bolognaise sauce and a deconstructed crostata Chinese group: dumplings and egg tarts Asian group: Yakitori British group: pancakes with jam and cream French group: eclairs with homemade custard and chocolate topping So very impressed with the commitment of the students with their home practice and presentation, and their encouragement, and support of each other with the limited facilities; all of the judges were so privileged to be part of this. Well done, Swordtails.