Craft Fair

Gallery - 2 November 2021

Our Craft Fair this year was a fantastic school event. It is something that the children really look forward to all year.

We must remember that the purpose of the Craft Fair is not only to have a great time but also to learn from the experience of manufacturing an item, displaying it and having someone appreciate it enough to buy it! The lessons learned from this very real experience are invaluable whether they are positive or not so gloriously successful. The objective is not to create little ‘Steve Jobs’ but to understand the decisions, effort and persistence that is involved in creating, manufacturing and marketing an item.

What an amazing Chrysalis Craft Fair last Friday, a fantastic success! Even though it was forecast to be a hot day, a steady stream of visitors came through the gates during the hours the Craft Fair was open. As this was my first Craft Fair here at Chrysalis I was most impressed with the number of parents and relatives attending the event and with the organisation and smooth running of the afternoon. As with all such events numerous people are involved with the planning, organising and running of the various stalls. I do need to thank Natalie Risinger, in particular for her hard work in organising the whole day over the weeks leading up to the Craft Fair. It was the first time Natalie has organised the Craft Fair and she did a wonderful job. Many thanks to all stall holders and their helpers and any other wonderful people who gave up their time to support the day in any way. The children had a lot of fun and learnt a great deal in their entrepreneurial efforts, it is a pleasure to be a part of such a generous and caring community.